Who Says Meat Balls Have To Be Round To Work??

When we first got married I was not a cook, as I have stated before, my mother was not either and did not instill a love of cooking into my sister or I. I started searching cook books, as I have mentioned in other postings, and one day came upon a recipe for porcupine meat balls. After reading the recipe, it seemed I could make those, and they sounded interesting and different, different being my mantra even then. I made them, and they were ok, but knew I wanted to make them even better and more interesting. First of all, making the meat balls seemed a pain to me in those busy crazy days, and frying even more work, so I decided then and there a meat ball is just a smaller version of a meat loaf, and a lot more work. And then and there I vowed no more messy meat ball making for me, meat loaf or nothing, and once I had kids, saved even more precious time...

I have made meat loafs out of all different kinds of ground meats through the years, adding in or taking away too many different ingredients to remember. Meat loafs have been "Chunked" for hot meat ball subs, in spaghetti and meat balls and even in soups. Small chunks of meat loaf might be found in casseroles, or even in a mac and cheese for the kids all those years ago. And today is no different, this ground turkey loaf chunked on rice, has rice,(the porcupine part) chopped sundried tomatoes, and sautéed orange peppers and onions amongst other things, recipe as follows, PLEASE note, the original recipe called for uncooked rice, but I found some rice cooked ok, and others not at all, so now use already cooked leftover rice of all kinds. Once again, any leftover rice goes in a dish in the freezer, and defrosts quickly for meat loafs or soups.

1 pound of ground turkey, or ground meat of choice

1/2 cup chopped sundried tomatoes

Some lightly sautéed pepper of choice and onion, amount to your liking

1/2 cup shredded cheese of choice

2/3 cup of cooked rice of choice, if too loose might need a little more.

2 lightly beaten eggs

Spices of choice

Mix all together lightly, shape into loaf or pan of choice, well sprayed. I find letting the mix set for at least 20 minutes or so thickens it and allows the starch to absorb some of the moisture before baking in any meat loaf recipe.

Bake at 375 for 1 hour or till done to liking, I press on top in several different places and if nice and firm it is done, and always remember, recipes keep will keep cooking a bit after shut off...

Let set 10-15 minutes before slicing, or chunking....Note, the thicker you make your loaf, the longer it is going to take...

OOPS, just noticed I forgot to add the cheese, and another senior moment is in the record book!!

Chunk your meat loaf and add to some gravy and top mashed potatoes or a bread of choice, toasted or no, for a quick hot meat loaf sandwich!!!

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