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When All Else Fails, Hash It!!

As I have mentioned in the past, veggie cooking water is pure gold, and to continue with that, so is any small leftover of this or that...soups and stews of course come to mind, but a great hash can be another delicious, satisfying, thrifty option... for some reason in my family there is always one of this or that leftover, someone does not eat whatever as planned and it is tossed in the possibilities section of the fridge or freezer, this habit comes from my mother's waste not want not way of thinking drilled in my head all those years ago..and BTW nothing wrong with that!! and yes I was listening after all! she would be proud.

That way of thinking has saved me through countless times, when money was tight and ingredients were scarce. Even a really overcooked or tough cut of meat can be whirred up in a food processor or "whirrer" as we like to call them, and made into a yummy hash of some sort, topped with a perfectly poached or fried egg and voila a perfectly satisfying meal and happy family. Once again let your imagination run wild and have fun with your creation.

This particular hash has a leftover sweet potato, yup someone opted out on it, leftover orange peppers from a "veggie plate" as my kids liked to call them, some onion, and a few black beans left from another recipe, spices, sautéed in some coconut oil, (or oil of choice) and of course the crowning glory, my perfectly cooked egg....don't say ick until you try it, or create your own, serve as is, with a side of bacon, ham or sausage, some toast or bagel, or English muffin, biscuit and you have a meal to please, breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

And if you are lucky enuf to have fresh chicken eggs, as we are, so much the better, or visit a farm stand, farm, or even a country store that has them!!!

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