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OK, Who Took The Last Of The Grapes I Saved?? Try This You Won't Be Sorry!!

I am back, summer is officially over, the movie is in production as we speak and it is time to sit back, reflect, and cook up some yummy warm weather foods!! time to dust off the cobwebs and get creative once again.....

As I have stated before I am hugh fan of keeping it simple and few ingredients at times, and at other times go all out and get crazy in my cooking, the latter being my fav way to cook, but my husband needs his simple things at times, so most of the time two dif menus are going on here on a single day!!

TODAY: simple is as simple does: Oven temp 400, time up to you!

Seedless grapes, red preferably for this recipe works best, washed and dried, amount of choice.

Some kind of oil to drizzle, and spice or spices of choice, amount of choice, go easy here...

My favorite way to do these are walnut oil and fresh rosemary, which I have in my kitchen at all times, all year round...but in a pinch have used evoo, grapeseed oil, etc.

Your grapes, your choice...experiment and have fun.

Place in a dish, drizzle with oil, carefully stir, place in a roasting pan, or can mix right in the baking pan, bake till softness you desire, I stir a few times, and cook just until tender but not broken open, but have also overdone and still delicious!

This is one of those recipes that is simple, smells delicious and an experiment in the making every time...size of grapes and your very own oven type will determine cooking time.....this particular batch took 30 minutes!!!

And the part I enjoy the most is deciding what I want to do with all this deliciousness...Once again I leave that up to you, taste, and let your imagination do the rest!!!

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