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Hot Grilled Pineapple, Ice Cream, Favorite Toppings, Sinfully Good!!!

First off I need to say this will be my last regular posting for the summer, as summer is our busy time of year. Hopefully I will return in the fall, thank you for your support, comments, emails, etc. these past few months, I hope you have a terrific summer and maybe enjoy this last recipe for a nice light summer dessert.

Elegant, delicious, as yummy as you want, all in one simple dessert, you bet!

Fresh Pineapple is key, but have used canned in a pinch. I like the fresh because you can cut thicker or thinner slices depending on your preference.

Sprinkle your slices on one side with a cinnamon and sugar mixture, grill on your grill pan or grill or however you desire on both sides, until nicely grilled and browned.

Place on your plate/dish, scoop a small scoop of your fav ice cream immediately on top, then top with your fav ice cream toppings, here I have shredded coconut and sliced almonds on top of pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, however my fav is coconut ice cream, this is my second choice, your dessert your ice cream flavor...

Note: if wanting a little more fancy, can chunk the pineapple after grilling and place into a fancy dessert dish! I like to see the grill marks and the cinnamon sugar so opt for using slices on a dessert plate! Enjoy!

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