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Chickpeas Can Be Delicious, Especially If Cooked From Scratch!!

Some people have cheese and cracker boards, I am all about a chickpea board.

I love chickpeas or otherwise known as garbanzo beans. From scratch. Once you cook your own flavorful ones, canned will never ever be the same. Believe me. I toss them in and on everything I can, chili, soups, salads, plain, flavored, roasted, pan fried, casseroles and hummus, and the list goes on. The recipes I am giving here today are how to cook them from scratch, and a chic pea sandwich or pita or cracker spread. Or I love it just plain as is eaten with a fork or spoon.

First we must cook the chickpeas, no biggie at all:

Soak amount of dried overnight in covered dish on counter, making sure water is 2 inches above the chickpeas.

Next day, drain and rinse well, put in pan with any spices, and flavorings of choice. Here I dig out some of my veggie waters I have frozen and use also, plus a big chunk of onion, celery, garlic cloves, bay leaves, and dried herbs of choice. Liquid has to be at least 2 inches above the swollen beans, then bring to boil, cover slightly, then simmer until tender about 20 to 25 minutes depending on amount, size of pan, etc. Can use just plain water here also, your beans up to you. Chickpeas are very bland so I flavor the heck out of them.

Also, if you have hard water or lots of chemicals, you might want to use bottled water for your beans, or they may not soften. If in doubt do a small batch first to see how it goes. Cool. These keep in fridge a good week or more and or freeze awesome. I usually do a double batch and freeze them in small containers for a quick use.

Next is the chic pea salad in my photo: amounts are up to your liking.

Mash up amount of chickpeas needed, leaving some big chunks

Add some diced onion

Add some diced red pepper

Add some diced celery with leaves

Add some dried thyme and black pepper, or spices of choice

Add some mayo and or a combo of anything you like, I use light ranch in all my mayo dressings for salads, etc. enuf to make spreadable if using that way or little less if eating as plain.

Then Add in some slivered almonds, amount of choice

Top with a few more slivered almonds when serving if desired.

Note: I have also made this with tuna added in, another of my fav ways, and or diced avocado at the last minute etc.

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