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My Relationship With Beets, A Party In Your Mouth!!

I, thanks to my father, am a lover of beets, fresh cooked, have now and then had jarred, but for my preferences they are too done. Beet greens were a favorite of his, and so he always planted them in our gardens. My mother did not really care for beets, so she just boiled the heck out of them and we had them with margarine and vinegar.. I like my beets crisp tender, have cooked them every different way imaginable, and always come back to simmering in a pan of water, covered, till when pushed on an indention is left in them, voila, they are done to my liking...generally it takes about 35 minutes for small, 45 minutes for medium and 60 for large. I have roasted them in oven and done them in crockpot, also on occasion, but for some reason they do not come out exactly how I prefer them. You can wrap in tin foil and bake in a 400 degree oven, unpeeled till done, and or toss in a crockpot with a little water, unpeeled, on high until done, of course all these times will depend on size of beets. Always scrub well first.

Lesson learned, crack pan cover and watch closely until comes to a boil, then turn down, unless you want to spend extra time scrubbing down your stove top, and burners drenched in red beet cooking water, been there and done that, and more then once.

I have made so many beet recipes through the years, I have forgotten more then I remember in my old age. Loved every one of them, probably, but who knows? Todays recipe is a simple beet salad, served hot or cold. I have done it with grape fruit or oranges, same way, this one is with grapefruit.

Beets in amount of choice.

Tip: once beets are done to your liking, drain cooking water, run cold water in pan, let set a minute or so, then run hands over and skins will peel right off, do this under running cold water to keep your hands from getting stained red. Then slice in shape you want, sliced, halves or quarters.

While still warm, add a small amount of diced onion.

Next add the grapefruit, or orange, I just stick a fork in it and jab it all out any way I can, and also add the juice. Small amount of beets, use half, large amount of beets, use whole.

Stir all together then top with walnuts, can use chopped or halves.

Can now serve warm, or chill, and serve cold. Keeps several days in fridge.

Tip: if serving warm can add a splash of honey, if desired. If serving chilled a splash of maple syrup can be added if a little sweetness is desired...

My grandmother made a yummy beet relish, out of her head, not written down, of course, with finely diced beets, onions, brown sugar and vinegar, salt and pepper, this too will depend on your amounts, preferences, etc. This also keeps a long time in fridge...

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