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Sometimes The Simplest Things Are The Best, Olives Maple Broiled Grapefruit Memories!

As I have mentioned before, and will surely mention again, my mother-in-law was a great cook. My husband has raved about her broiled grapefruit for years, in fact, when we were first married, he was the one who made it for me, the first time I had ever even heard of it...I also need to mention her love for butter and anything sweet, maple syrup being one of them. So this recipe is in her memory of all things simple, but still the best!

I am a lover of few ingredients recipes with the notion that more ingredients can be added but hard to take away a lot of ingredients and keeping the same idea of that particular recipe.

Heat broiler

As many grapefruit as you need for your family

Segment carefully so as not to cut through the skin at the bottom and lose all the yummy juices.

Here comes the problem for us, my husband likes it loaded with maple syrup and butter, like his mother, I, who have in my mind been on a diet my whole life, like less maple syrup and no butter.

1 tsp to 2 tsps. maple syrup, your choice, drizzled on segments

His way, small dots of butter here and there, optional

Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste

Place under broiler leaving door open for 5 minutes, check, then will prob need to go another 2-3 minutes depending on broiler, see picture, should start to blacken around edges, and maybe bubble or not, will depend on juiciness of grapefruit, a minute or so, or eat right off very carefully....

Tip:Either white or red/pink grapefruit works great here, so your grapefruit your choice..

Note: we have always eaten these hot/warm, but am thinking now as I type this why have I never tried one cold after broiling and cooling? but would def not do it with butter on it, but my way might just be eatable, guess I will give that a try next time around......

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