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My Lightened Up Soft Taco Pizza, Quick Enough To Beat The Delivery Guy!!!!

Sometimes the spirit hits that I just want pizza with a crust, but not necessarily all the calories that go with pizza. This is when I whip up what I consider my not so calorie loaded, but just tastes so good, healthier, or what I feel is a healthier version...This is also when I appreciate having all the ingredients on hand, my simple home made tomato sauce, shredded cheese or cheese to shred, and whatever toppings I can whip up, what more could you ask for? well the crust of course, and this particular one is a 70 calorie low carb soft taco. This is a pizza you will need a fork and knife for, the crust will be thin, the toppings heavy, and the taste amazing...

TIP: I was told many, many years ago, so long ago I cannot even remember by who, so if it is any one of you, am sorry, but thanks, if you want a professional tasting pizza to always, no matter what kind of crust you are using to sprinkle your pan or pizza stone with corn keeps the crust from sticking and also adds the nice crunch to the bottom of the crust..

Oven 400 degrees. Time 5-10 minutes, depends on oven..

Tip: have your pan or pizza stone or whatever you are using to bake hot to keep taco from getting soggy. this is when you sprinkle with corn meal..

Place as many tacos as you need in size of your choice.

Spread lightly with your fav sauce of choice.

Next add shredded cheese of choice.

Next add your fav toppings, can add a little more cheese if you want, but I like to see my toppings, so layer my cheese before the toppings in this recipe.

CAN also sprinkle with Italian seasoning of choice, garlic powder, etc. your pizza, your choice.

Bake 5-10 minutes, will depend on your toppings and thickness of toppings, till everything is heated through, and edges have just started to curl slightly. Note: this pizza in my photo is the small 6 inch round taco, with fresh cooked shrimp and chopped artichokes, and spices..

I have also made these with a thin layer of thin sliced fresh tomatoes, in place of sauce. Always slice my tomatoes ahead of time in dishes, and let some of the water content seep out. Generally do this in the summer with our fresh garden tomatoes...Also a thin layer of bbq sauce and very thin sliced chicken and cheese, pretty much the sky is the limit...

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