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Hard Boiled Egg Stuffed Meat Loafs, Be Amazing To!!!

Sometimes I amaze myself. Sometimes I don't. When I made this loaf all those years ago and it came out perfect, that was one of those times. On the other hand my family must not have been impressed, after asking them all if they remembered me making these hard boiled egg centered meat loafs, no one could. Of course in those days, ground turkey or ground chicken were unheard of so ground beef was used instead...I know I made more then one, but am sure my hungry kids just wanted food, not caring what that food was, at least after all that work, that is what I am convincing myself of at this point...Today I made one with ground turkey loaf, and hoping you would like to give one a try as well, am giving the how to and what for below as they say.....

Ingredients are simple: Oven 375 Time 1 hour 15 minutes

Your favorite ground meat loaf recipe of choice

3 Hard boiled eggs

A meat/bread loaf pan

Spray pan, layer around half of loaf mixture in pan, about 1/2 and inch, give or take, make an indention in mixture, layer in the 3 hard boiled eggs, leaving a little space between egg ends of pan on each end, carefully pack rest of loaf mixture around the eggs, being sure about 1/2 inch is above the eggs....this is for a 1 pound of meat loaf...I use an 8x8x2 pan for this recipe.

This makes a great presentation if serving to company, and will probably impress everyone...and besides that, it tastes great to.

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