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With Or Without The Alcohol, A Drink Can Be Such Fun!! Lunch Salad?

I was asked a while ago to post some drink recipes...not being a hugh mixed drink person, I have, however developed two drinks that I do enjoy when a change up from wine is desired..this play off of a Bloody Mary is one of them, the other one I will post another time, closer to summer, as I refer to it as my light summer fun drink, and for now, summer seems very far in the distance....

This particular drink I refer to as my lunch salad, and when I mention it everyone in my family knows exactly what I am referring is very changeable, fun to try different ideas and concoctions, but the basic recipe is the is also delicious without any alcohol in it..

I keep in my fridge my favorite infused water combination of diced lime, lemon and English cucumbers...this also goes into my lunch salad cocktail. The amounts depend on your desired likes...this drink is big on personal preferences!

6 or 7 ice cubes

1/2 cup of low sodium v-8, I love the low sodium because to me you taste the veggies rather then salt..

2/3 cup give or take of my cucumber, lemon, lime water

Some of the cucumbers, lemon and lime pieces

2 or 3 either blue cheese stuffed or garlic stuffed large olives

Dash of the olive brine

1 celery stalk with leaves

Dash of hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce (if you like it jazzed up or spicy)(optional)

1 to 1 1/2 ounces of vodka, or to taste (optional)

Mix all together, enjoy, don't forget to eat the cucumber pieces and olives!!!!

This will take a few times to get it tuned in to your preferred amounts.

Practice makes perfect as they say!!

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