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The Real Truth About Spaghetti Squash, In My Opinion!!

My real "truths" about spaghetti squash, and mine alone.

How many times have you read and heard, "spaghetti squash can be used in any pasta dish and no one will even notice". Are you kidding me?? maybe it might look like spaghetti, but that is where the story ends. Don't get me wrong, I eat it fixed all different ways, the main reason being it is extremely low in calories and healthy, two things that it does have in its favor..But here lies the problem, or not. It has to be doctored up as they say, with something, as it has zero flavor on its own, and can be absolutely a turn off for a lot of people, my husband, of course, included, no amount of persuasion has worked to get him to eat it, so all the more for me. But now we start adding all kinds of ingredients to make it more eatable, and there the calories start building up. A lot of the recipes ingredients I have seen have been worse then eating the real deal spaghetti, so keep it light, healthy and simple, and then you are good to go.

There are also lots of ways out there to cook a spaghetti squash, and I am pretty sure I have tried them all. and if not, and a new one comes along, I am sure I will..the best way I have found so far is to simply cut in half, remove seeds, spray with a little spray and sprinkle with a fav spice combo. bake cut side down until desired tenderness...then flip back up, blot lightly with a paper towel and let set at least 10 minutes...each time you bake one might be a tad different, as I have found nice dry ones and very wet ones.. light colored ones and dark colored ones, etc. Thinner skins and thicker skins...Oven temp is 375 and time will depend on size of squash, 35-45 minutes..Tip: if thick skinned you can poke in a few places and mic for 6-7 minutes to soften the skin before cutting in half..Now on to my recipe seen here in my photo, and having had several requests for....

First off, I do Not take the squash out of the skin for most recipes, just dirties another dish. I simply run my fork lengthwise to make the strands but leave about 1/4 inch all around as my vessel. then I added my fresh tomato mix, some shredded cheese, and swished it all around carefully. then topped with a little more cheese and baked at 375 to heat through, then topped with my fresh cooked shrimp, (see my post on cooking shrimp) I cooked while squash was baking, pushing down a speck into the squash, then topped with a little more cheese, turned off oven and put back in for 2-3 more minutes...sounds like a lot of cheese but it is not, just a little dab will do ya in all 3 places...

Fresh tomato sauce:

1 small spaghetti squash

3 large diced fresh tomatoes

1 cup of diced celery and leaves, try to use the inner lighter colored stalks with leaves if possible

1/3 cup of a nice thick chunky salsa

2 large cloves of diced fresh garlic

pepper, cumin, to taste, 1 small bay leaf

simmer all together till all water is gone and thickens a little, about 10 minutes or so

1 cup fav shredded cheese of choice, or amounts of choice......

Stuff, bake, and enjoy!!

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