To Stuff Or Not To Stuff It? Twice Baked Potatoes!

I am a hugh fan of stuffing things, quite often when I am asked what to do with a certain item, my fav tip is "just stuff it." I admit I might have stuffed a few things I prob should not have tried, but then again, how would I have known whether to "stuff or not to stuff it".

One of our favorite family functions buffet items through the years has been my twice baked potatoes. I have made them all shapes and sizes, small, medium, large, and misshaped....few ingredients can be used or you can fancy them up, either way, they are delicious, do take a little extra time, but worth the little extra effort when family members are being happily fed. There are tons of stuffed potato recipes out there, and yes, you can scoop out the potato and add all kinds of this n that, but to me just using the potato I scooped out and doing something yummy with that makes much more sense, when I want potato, I want potato, plain and simple....

Basic recipe is as follows: Oven 400 degrees

First of all, wash, scrub and dry thoroughly your potato, here is where I use only "russets" for their consistency and they hold up well in the twice baking.

Prick and bake in a pan at 400 degrees until soft to the touch when you push on them. this will depend on the size of your potato, the time this will take, 45 minutes to an hour or so...

When done, let cool at least 10 minutes in order for you to be able to work with.

Next carefully slice off a small strip/section lengthwise across top of potato, if small, or if large, slice in half... and carefully scoop out potato leaving a thin layer so as not to break the skin if possible.

Place in a bowl and make your fav mashed potato recipe, will give mine in picture below..

Stuff back in potato and re bake at 400 till heated through and crunchy.

TIPS: some times I just cut about 1/3 off the top, scoop out potato, toss in bowl for the mashed part, and then make potato skins out of the pieces, adding some cheese, melt, then top with a little sour cream and bacon bits...for this I get a much larger potato...the potato skins can then be reheated for a light snack....AND some times you end up with more filling then you need, and in that case I make small potato patties, another snack idea!!!

This recipe for mashed potato in my photo has shredded cheese and pre cooked chopped bacon and black pepper, milk and butter....

Another one of my favorite mashed potato recipes is butter, milk, sour cream and roasted garlic powder and black positive you have your own favorite recipe, and am sure whatever it is will be special to whoever is lucky enough to be served this recipe....

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