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My Atlantic City Inspired Simple Poached Salmon

Many years ago we lived in Florida for 10 years and would travel back and forth summers for 6 months here, and Florida for 6 months, by way of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the Cape May Lewis Ferry, and would stop in Atlantic City to break up the trip..

Not having the funds to stay on the Boardwalk, we stayed in a little motel back away from the glitz and glamour and expensive motels, restaurants, and such.

One day we found this little restaurant on a side street, and ventured in to check out the menu. Salmon has always been a favorite of mine, and lo and behold was the special of the day. We got our order to go and took it with us back to our room. It was the best salmon we had ever had, moist, juicy, melted in your mouth, very mild fish flavor and seasoned perfectly. Right then and there I vowed to try and recreate this dish.

This is my version and is so simple it has been an almost weekly dish for me all these years. A few years ago we went back and sadly the restaurant was gone, but to this day I still have my recipe and the memories from all those years ago every time I have it...

You need a fry pan with a cover, that is it.

I always spray a little pan spray in the pan

A nice piece of fresh salmon, skin on one side if possible

Place salmon in pan

Add a few slices of fresh lemon, a bay leaf, and celery leaves. then sprinkle with your fav seafood seasoning (see photo)

Next pour some cold water on the side until it reaches almost to the top of the salmon

Bring just to a boil, lower heat, cover and gently simmer, I use a pan with a glass cover so I can see, and be sure it is a gentle simmer, but that is just my preference.

This is poaching, and it will take between 10 minutes (thin piece) up to 15 minutes (thick piece) depending on how thick your piece is, I try to get a piece 3/4 to an inch thick.

It is done when you push on the top of the thickest part and it is firm or you can just cut into it and see if it is done to your likeness(see photo)...after a few times you will be a pro at it, believe me..

Remove from pan gently with a spatula and enjoy!!

If you are lucky enuf to have leftovers, break up salmon, toss with an egg, some bread crumbs and spices and fry up for the most delicious salmon patty, and or salmon pea wiggle is another great way to use leftovers!!

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