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"Mom I Don't Feel Good" Basic Chicken Soup!

"Mom I Don't Feel Good" Basic Chicken Soup!

As the saying goes "if I had a nickel for every time I made this soup through the years I would be rich"...and am still making it for sick kids and people today...

Simple and basic with a few of my own hints....I am not giving amounts here, it will depend on what you want for your purpose....but the basics most everyone who home cooks would have around the house....

Years ago I read some place to make a great flavored soup, if you have the time, after chopping up all the veggies, sautee them for about 7 or 8 minutes in your soup pot in a little evoo, don't go crazy here, then add a little broth or water and simmer the veggies till done to your liking...or after sauteeing now you can place in a crock pot if that is what you are add broth of choice, home made or store bought is fine, I mix home made chicken and canned, low sodium, and last your precooked basic recipe is as follows:




frozen peas

bay leaf

three whole garlic cloves poked

plenty of black pepper

and YUP salt, I use salt here because it needs it, period!

chopped chicken of choice, precooked

On the side hot pasta or noodles (optional) never ever add noodles or pasta if soup is going to set until consuming, it will suck up your delicious broth and make mushy noodles....ICK!!

This soup has cured many colds, flus, bugs, etc., my final tip of course is, of course it does not cure anything, just makes those we serve it to feel loved and spoiled and maybe just a little bit better after all!!!

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