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Not Rocket Science Stuffed Dogs

Not Rocket Science Stuffed Dogs

(yes, Sue, these are baked)

oven temp 375 degrees, 15-20 mins. or accordingly..

This is a recipe my kids used to ask for on any given day...was quick, always had everything on hand and happy kids made happy parents

As many hot dogs of preference, bratwursts or sausages, etc. as you need for your family.

A fav sliced cheese

Mashed potato of choice, a good brand of instant can be of use here in a pinch, always have a box on hand for quick dishes...

Any toppings might want

Slice hot dog length wise stopping just before all the way through making your vessel for rest of ingredients...

Slice or break cheese slices into 3 or 4 pieces, line one side of dog with amount of slices you prefer, I use 2 pieces and go the length of the dog....can also use shredded cheese in this step.

Next add a layer of mashed potato down the dog in the amount you with any toppings or leave plain, can fancy up or fancy down, your choice...gonna taste the same either way.....

Bake in a tin foil lined, pan sprayed a little, lesson learned the hard way, the cheese is gonna melt and stick if not sprayed....for 15-20 minutes or till cheese is melted and dog is heated through, if using something fatter then adjust times accordingly...

We love to top ours with kraut and a gourmet mustard at the table, your dog your choice, enjoy!!

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