March 10, 2018

This recipe is in memory of a very dear friend of mine. I had known Marti since she was a little girl, she grew up with my kids and as she said to me just recently before she passed away tragically in a car accident, I am family too. She had grown into a wonderful woman, albeit a little feisty I think is a perfect word to describe her, but was a fierce, protective mother of her 3 sons, and was so proud of them all. She had a heart of gold, but you did not w...

March 5, 2018

If you, like me, have someone in your household who always leaves a jam half eaten then moves on to another one and another one, it can get very annoying, yes, my husband is the one here. It is not only jam it is anything in a jar, can be left half full or with a teaspoon, doesn't matter, and no amount of giving him what for has helped. So next best thing, find a recipe and use it up!!

This simple oatmeal bar/square is something I make when jams are hanging...

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