November 27, 2017

I am not a hugh fan of crock pots but this recipe is one that I do make all winter long.

The other day I put it going, and as I some times do, I almost forgot it was done.

My friend and cleaning lady was here, and I suddenly said "oh shoot" I forgot my husband's oatmeal was done.

When I lifted the cover the smell once again shouted comfort food at it's finest. Sue asked me what smelled so good, and I preceded to tell her the recipe and her first comment was is...

November 15, 2017

There are some memories in your childhood that stick with you and some that don't. Usually the ones that stick with us are because they made us happy, why would you want to remember something that made you sad? This is one of those happy memories for me. We did not have a lot of treats when we were little, money was tight, and basic foods were our menu. However, on the holidays my mother went all out in the treats department for us, pies, cookies, etc., mos...

November 5, 2017

Many times through the years in discussing meal plans for the evening with friends and family  members, I have heard "we are just having a stir fry" I, on the other hand have always looked at a stir fry as something simple, fast, home made, healthy, yummy, and another chance to use up leftovers and get creative, all at the same time. I, also, have learned through trial and error a few tips to make them faster for busy moms, working people and anyone who is...

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